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by @OE3TEC · 4 days ago
Test articel. Not finished. The Gain Master antenna from Sirio is a very popular antenna for CB and the 10m amateur band. In my article I will explain how the “Gain Master” can be designed and built for different frequencies. Moreover, I will show how t
by @OE3TEC · 4 days ago
Yesterday I recovered a radiosonde from Vienna. It landed north of the village Grunterdorf in a blooming potato field next to a busy road (by the locals called “Tschechenautobahn”). The sonde was still transmitting but I had no decoding equipment with me,
by @OE3TEC · 4 days ago
Today I recovered a radiosonde from Vienna. It landed northwest of the village Ruppersthal near Großweikersdorf. The path to the landing site was partly unpaved and very muddy. Luckily, it didn’t rain last night so I could directly drive to the radiosonde


by @OE3TEC · 2 days ago
changpuak.ch: Antenna and filter calculators classeradio.com: Class E AM Transmitter Descriptions, Circuits, Etc. VK1SV: Class-E for beginners dmitrynizh.com: Create Spice Models for tubes b-kainka.de: Electronic projects funknetzplanung.com: RF-Cal